Frequently Asked Questions

A background check on a person is to ensure that the person is really who he/she claims to be. Conducting a background check could reveal various unpleasant things about a person which can significantly alter your decision to hire him/her.

It is a step towards ensuring that your home and family is safe with the help you hire.
Checkwala.com offers four different types of verifications -

  • Identity Check: Provides proof against false identities, insulating you against rude shocks from crooks who use false identities to hide an unsavory past or to pull off a con job!
  • Court Check: This helps you find out if the person you are hiring has been convicted of any offense across the country.
  • Address Check: This check helps you be sure that the person you’re hiring really does stay where they say they do. Why would you hire someone who lies about where they’re from, or where they stay?
  • Employer Check:This check helps you better understand why the person you’re thinking of hiring left their previous job, so that you can decide whether it makes sense to let them into your home and near your family.

Ideally the background check should be conducted as a part of interviewing/screening process, before the person starts work. However, it’s never too late! If you have hired a help without conducting a due diligence on their background, don’t wait..check them now!

No. Your data is protected by our privacy policy and is used only for the said purpose.

Yes. All the information about your past and current employees is stored with us and is available for you to use at any given point.

The following is the estimated time of completion for each check:

  • Aadhaar Check: Done Instantly
  • Voter ID Check: 1 Day
  • Pan Check: 1 Day
  • Criminal Court Check: 1 Day
  • Address Check: 3-4 Days (This check can also take a bit longer in some cases, owing to the accessibility of the address and availability of people in the address provided)
  • Employer Check: 3-4 Days (This check can also take a bit longer in some cases, owing to the accessibility of the employer)

Checkwala.com does not provide any guarantee or assurance that the person who has been verified may/ may not have a criminal record. The purpose of Checkwala.com is to provide transparency about the candidates information available in the records of the government. The final verdict of whether to hire the particular candidate is in the hands of the employer and Checkwala.com does not vouch for the candidates credentials.