With employment fraudsters upgrading their methods to match the digital age, we are bridging the technology gap in employee background verifications by

  • mapping disparate sets of individual data in realtime
  • using data sciences to read patterns and anomalies in data
  • building on recognition technologies for identity authentication
  • deploying locational technologies for accurate physical verifications

IDfy ensures employee integrity

Catching employment frauds early

Using technologies for realtime data access from multiple sources and data sciences with predictive capabilities, we catch employment frauds early in the hiring lifecycle.

Smooth candidate on-boarding

Using technologies for easy information capture and systems-driven automated processes, we facilitate a smooth on-boarding experience for the candidate

Power in the hands of the recruiter

With complete access to the HR portal driving the entire process, the recruiter can set rules and priorities, customize their content and style, track realtime updates and get reports on a click.

Our products for recruiters

Industry leaders who trust us

To find out more about how technology is helping detect emerging employment frauds, get in touch with us on contactus@idfy.com

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